KVS Technologies specializes in harsh environment robotics and real time management systems for industrial robotic applications.

Our vision is that teaming of robots and humans is the key to solve many of the risk challenges in our society and creating a more effective workday. To achieve this, we create technology and systems that lead the way when danger to humans is present during high risk operations and in challenging, hazardous and remote areas. Our technology is based on experience from the world leading Norwegian Subsea Industry, that has matured through decades of complex operations on the Norwegian continental shelf. The technology is further built upon research on underwater robotics, comprehensive knowledge in the fields of wireless data transfer, robotics, embedded systems and cyber physical systems. Our goal is to push the bounadries of what can be done with unmanned technology and integrated mobile solutions.

Board of Directors

Arild Austigard


Brage Johansen

Board Member

Cato Vevatne

Board Member

Peter Fusdahl

Board Member